Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Watch for Signs of Mice in Your Home (Eeeeek!)

A home is one of the biggest investments a person will make in a lifetime. Keeping it safe, secure and free of pests are top priorities. Mice are a common invader. The following signs will alert you to their presence and the need to take action.


Mice have irregular eating habits. They store their food and nibble on it throughout the day. This means they defecate in many different places. When mice infest a home, they leave their small, dark droppings all over. Most often in cupboards, or near their nests inside the walls, causing odors and health hazards.


Mice live in such a way that their hair becomes very oily. This oil leaves greasy marks on the places they travel through, namely holes or along walls. Homes with a heavy mouse infestation will also contain urine pillars. The pillars are composed of hair, oil, dirt and other substances they come in contact with.


Odd sounds in the walls and other locations are often the first clue of a mice problem. This happens when droppings go unseen for an extended length of time. The most common noise is scratching during the night. This is when the mice are exploring and searching for food. In some cases, they can be heard running and scampering as well.


Mice move very fast to collect materials for their nests. Seeing one or more of them inside a home is a good indicator they are building a nest and settling in. While they can build nests anywhere, inside the walls, floors and ceilings are their favorite places. The bolder ones will nest in cupboards, on stove tops and underneath refrigerators. The materials used to build nests are cardboard, paper and cloth. All items that mimic their natural habitat.


The result of accumulated droppings and the urine buildup, a home overrun with mice will soon smell very bad. The odor is usually stronger near the nests. However, eventually it will take over the entire house. This aspect of a mice invasion is often the worst. Eliminating the odor is very difficult even after the extermination process is complete.


If mice are seen inside or outside the home, it is safe to assume there is an infestation problem. They are nocturnal creatures, however. So, it is especially true if you see them during the day. Being in competition with another mouse colony and desperate for food is the only reason mice will only show themselves in the daylight.

Take Action

Even if only one mouse has been spotted, it should always be assumed there are more lurking nearby. That is the time to contact an experienced exterminator to eradicate them from the home. Once settled in, mice reproduce quickly and the higher the number, the more difficult it is to get rid of them.

By keeping an eye out for the most common signs of mice, a homeowner can avoid the smell, the health threats and the expense of having them removed.

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