Friday, April 7, 2017

Effective Ways to Eliminate Weeds

There's nothing more frustrating for a homeowner than the battle against persistent weeds. They make your yard, sidewalks, and driveway look neglected. They also provide cover for pests including fleas, spiders and ticks. Here are several simple ways to get rid of weeds using common household items and ingredients.

Opaque Plastic
Stretch plastic out over the weeds and hold it in place with heavy rocks. This method blocks the sun and rain from any weedy area. It works much the same way that weed-barrier fabrics work underneath mulch. The weeds will wilt quickly. The length of time it takes the entire area to die out will vary. Also, unless you cut holes through the material, it will simultaneously kill any desirable plants. On the upside, you can use old shower curtains, tarps, or scraps of carpet or old welcome mats.

Lay down a few sheets of newspaper in any areas that have a dense covering of weeds. Avoid covering the leaves of plants you want to keep. Weight down the paper with some rocks to keep it in place. Two or three sheets will block the sun and kill the weeds. If it rains, you'll need to replace the old paper with fresh pages.

Fill a spray bottle with a few ounces of undiluted vinegar. White vinegar or apple cider vinegar; anything you have handy will work. Swish in about an ounce of dish washing detergent to make the solution work faster. Vinegar is very acidic. It draws the moisture out of leaves. Dish soap helps to penetrate the waxy coating on the stems and leaves of some resilient weeds. Be careful not to spritz the "good" plants.

Soak and Pull Method
This method requires patience. For deep-rooted stubborn weeds, such as dandelions, try soaking the area with a good deal of water--enough to thoroughly saturate and loosen the soil. Then take hold of the plant at the root and pull upwards very gently and slowly. If the soil is wet enough, you may be able to extract the entire plant down to the root. It works well on weeds with relatively small or straight root systems.

Hot Water
Heat some tap water up to boiling. Pour it into a container that you can handle easily. A metal pitcher or a heavy-duty bucket will work. Then just dump a little on each patch of weeds you'd like to get rid of. Weeds cannot resist this method. However, it may not kill the roots. Be prepared to repeat this treatment on stubborn plants.

Use these techniques on the weeds around your property. Remember that these are only general instructions. It may be necessary to experiment to find the most effective method(s) for your situation. If all else fails, or there are simply too many weeds, consult a professional. They'll be able to offer some labor- and time-saving solutions.

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